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Keywords: und; die; mit; das; auf; den; wird; nach; mit der; das sturmgewehr; mit dem; die waffe; das magazin; wird der; wird mit; und die; fur die; auf den
Downloads: 37
Keywords: bolt; trigger; rear; gas; magazine; sks; rifle; rearward; sight; spring; operating handle; gas cylinder; bolt carrier; trigger bar; receiver cover; trigger group; pull operating; cylinder tube; combination tool; piston extension
Downloads: 52
Keywords: tai; piipun; aseen; laatikon; kuva; etta; sen; ase; niin; lippaan salvan; jos; pitaa olla; salvan rungon; esine osa; kpl esine; tavallisimmat viat; niin silloin; laatikon kansi; kiinnita ase; osat ovat
Downloads: 48
Keywords: bolt; cocking; rifle; carrier; bullpup; norinco; spring; muzzle; slide; notch; bolt carrier
Downloads: 25
[texts]mossberg 500
mossberg 500
Keywords: barrel; firearm; magazine; receiver; tube; rearward; choke; bolt; trigger; fully rearward; magazine tube; trigger housing; safety button; button fully; recoil pad; muzzle pointed; heat shield; bolt slide; action lock
Downloads: 49
Keywords: magazine; pin; spring; bolt; receiver; compression; stock; recoil; detent; suppressor; receiver pin; stock latch; pin catch; bolt handle; magazine catch; handle detent; recoil spring; submachine gun; wire form; safety detent
Downloads: 19
Keywords: ammo; gun; eyeball; cocking; cover; chamber; cartridge; lube; handwheel; bolt; cocking handle; close cover
Downloads: 13
[texts]light antitank m72
light antitank m72
Keywords: weapon; launcher; antitank; practice; firing; manual; tactical; rocket; sight; printing; light antitank; antitank weapon; practice rocket; white printing; weapon system; rocket launcher; operator maintenance
Downloads: 14
Keywords: telescope; adjustment; sight; eyepiece; lateral; protection; optical; control; lens; elevation; telescope sight; adjustment control; rubber protection; lateral adjustment; protection caps; elevation adjustment; dioptrical adjustment; protection cap; tool kit; target marker
Downloads: 12
Keywords: gas; rifle; firing; breech; rear; cartridge; magazine; sear; block; piston; breech block; gas cylinder; holding open; firing pin; open device; change lever; gas plug; gas regulator; magazine filler; gas escape
Downloads: 16
Keywords: rifle; sight; sniper; bolt; firing; optical; cartridge; detach; gas; trigger; sniper rifle; optical sight; bolt support; gas tube; barrel bore; trigger mechanism; front sight; sight angle; deflection correction; rifle parts
Downloads: 18
Keywords: bolt; rifle; sight; bushmaster; firing; cleaning; bore; windage; meters; remove; front sight; rear sight; sight post; upper receiver; bolt carrier; selector lever; windage knob; firing pin; charging handle; cam pin
Downloads: 9
Keywords: und; die; des; nach; mit; oder; auf; der waffe; mit der; mit dem; rechten hand; der rechten; aus dem; die waffe; nach dem; liegt der; des magazins
Downloads: 13
[texts]Winchester Wildcat
Winchester Wildcat
Keywords: bolt; rifle; magazine; cartridge; safety; wildcat; winchester; firearm; sight; ammunition; firing pin; bolt handle; rear sight; winchester rifles; cocking indicator; wildcat rifle; sight blade; floorplate catch; sight base; serial number
Downloads: 26
[texts]Winchester Sxr
Winchester Sxr
Keywords: rifle; bolt; magazine; cartridge; trigger; action; remove; winchester; safety; cleaning; action spring; trigger group; winchester rifles; operating handle; bolt lock; spring guide; rear sight; muzzle pointed; authorized repair; roll pin
Downloads: 13
[texts]Winchester Sx3
Winchester Sx3
Keywords: magazine; bolt; shotgun; firearm; choke; barrel; remove; piston; spring; receiver; magazine spring; choke tube; trigger group; piston sleeve; bolt slide; slide link; bolt assembly; gas piston; magazine tube; feed mechanism
Downloads: 19
[texts]Winchester Supreme
Winchester Supreme
Keywords: gun; barrel; choke; shotgun; safety; supreme; action; forearm; firearm; ammunition; choke tube; choke tubes; top lever; serious injury; steel shot; repeating arms; trigger shoe; supreme shotgun; barrel selector; serious personal
Downloads: 14
[texts]Winchester Super X2
Winchester Super X2
Keywords: magazine; bolt; gun; barrel; shotgun; choke; super; trigger; safety; remove; trigger group; magazine spring; choke tube; bolt slide; bolt assembly; repeating arms; slide link; gas piston; bolt handle; steel shot
Downloads: 10
[texts]Winchester Super X2 Sporting Supplement
Winchester Super X2 Sporting Supplement
Keywords: spacer; piston; super; cast; spacers; comb; heel; sporting; winchester; buttstock; complete super; winchester super; winchester firearms
Downloads: 6
[texts]Winchester Super X2 Practical Supplement
Winchester Super X2 Practical Supplement
Keywords: super; magazine; piston; practical; sight; barrel; complete; winchester; sleeve; instructions; complete super; rear sight; winchester super; magazine sleeve; magazine tube; forward magazine
Downloads: 6
[texts]Winchester Select
Winchester Select
Keywords: choke; barrel; shotgun; firearm; safety; forearm; select; barrels; action; chambers; choke tube; choke tubes; top lever; cheek piece; stock adjustment; steel shot; select shotgun; winchester rifles; barrel selector; trigger shoe
Downloads: 14
[texts]Winchester Creedmoor Sight
Winchester Creedmoor Sight
Keywords: sight; shotguns; rifles; winchester; rear; insert; windage; licensee; front; elevator; front sight; rear sight; sight body; licensee rifles; winchester rifles; sight insert; sight disk; retaining ring; sight retaining; windage knob
Downloads: 21
[texts]Winchester Boss Supplement
Winchester Boss Supplement
Keywords: rifle; boss; barrel; locknut; muzzle; gun; model; browning; firearm; ammunition; repeating arms; micrometer adjustment; boss equipped; adjustment ring; serious injury; hatch mark; gun handling; equipped model; rifle bore; sheet supplied
Downloads: 11
[texts]Winchester 97
Winchester 97
Keywords: pin; remove; slide; spring; screw; magazine; lock; action; trigger; plunger; action slide; slide lock; firing pin; winchester model; spring screw; magazine tube; release plunger; lock spring; lock release; lock joint
Downloads: 35
[texts]Winchester 9422
Winchester 9422
Keywords: rifle; hammer; gun; model; winchester; sight; firearm; ammunition; barrel; blade; repeating arms; rear sight; hammer extension; magazine tube; sight blade; breech bolt; bolt slide; serial number; lever action; blade holder
Downloads: 17
[texts]Winchester 9417 9422
Winchester 9417 9422
Keywords: model; rifle; hammer; gun; ammunition; sight; winchester; firearm; extension; barrel; hammer extension; rear sight; repeating arms; magazine tube; lever action; sight blade; blade holder; serial number; firing pin; finger lever
Downloads: 18
[texts]Winchester 9410 Tang Safety
Winchester 9410 Tang Safety
Keywords: hammer; model; magazine; gun; shotgun; manual; safety; firearm; barrel; choke; manual hammer; choke tube; standard invector; sling post; magazine tube; finger lever; repeating arms; rear sight; hammer extension; rebounding hammer
Downloads: 12
[texts]Winchester 9410 Crossbolt Safety
Winchester 9410 Crossbolt Safety
Keywords: hammer; magazine; model; gun; shotgun; firearm; chamber; ammunition; barrel; shells; manual hammer; finger lever; sling post; rear sight; hammer extension; magazine tube; serious injury; post mounting; forearm cap; winchester model
Downloads: 17
[texts]Winchester 70Supplement
Winchester 70Supplement
Keywords: barrel; locking; receiver; rifle; model; winchester; bolt; nut; recess; locking pin; serial; repeating arms; locking nut; serial number; barrel half; receiver half; locking lever; barrel extension; winchester model; spanner wrench
Downloads: 12
[texts]Winchester 70
Winchester 70
Keywords: bolt; rifle; gun; firing; model; breech; cartridge; safety; magazine; pin; breech bolt; firing pin; rear sight; repeating arms; sight blade; bolt sleeve; bolt handle; winchester model; serial number; service center
Downloads: 13
[texts]Winchester 63
Winchester 63
Keywords: rifle; gun; sleeve; model; operating; action; magazine; winchester; safety; firearm; operating sleeve; magazine tube; repeating arms; rear sight; serial number; safe gun; gun handling; cleaning rod; breech bolt; authorized repair
Downloads: 11
[texts]Winchester 52B
Winchester 52B
Keywords: rifle; bolt; gun; winchester; model; cleaning; magazine; barrel; safety; firearm; repeating arms; scope mount; serial number; winchester model; trigger system; cleaning rod; serious personal; safe direction; gun handling; forearm adjustment
Downloads: 10
[texts]Winchester 1895
Winchester 1895
Keywords: hammer; rifle; safety; cartridge; gun; firing; lever; model; chamber; magazine; repeating arms; finger lever; rebound position; winchester model; serial number; safe direction; serious injury; cleaning rod; box magazine; arms company
Downloads: 15
[texts]Winchester 1895 Takedown Supplement
Winchester 1895 Takedown Supplement
Keywords: receiver; rifle; rifles; barrel; shotguns; winchester; screw; lock; adjusting; takedown; barrel lock; winchester rifles; adjusting screw; barrel extension; screw lock; adjustment screw; receiver half; shotguns figure; lock screw; customer service
Downloads: 9
[texts]Winchester 1895 Carbine Supplement
Winchester 1895 Carbine Supplement
Keywords: winchester; sight; carbine; model; ladder; rifle; slide; adjustment; rifles; manual; slide assembly; top guard; winchester rifles; ladder sight; sight ladder; windage adjustment; winchester avenue; free copy; complete model
Downloads: 5
[texts]Winchester 1894 Tang Safety
Winchester 1894 Tang Safety
Keywords: hammer; rifle; gun; model; manual; safety; firing; position; trigger; rebound; rebound position; manual hammer; hammer extension; rebounding hammer; rear sight; finger lever; repeating arms; sight blade; firing pin; blade holder
Downloads: 6
[texts]Winchester 1894 Side Ejection
Winchester 1894 Side Ejection
Keywords: votre; chien; une; hammer; pour; dans; fusil; sur; vous; position; manual hammer; votre fusil; votre carabine; larretoir manuel; une cartouche; pour tirer; hammer extension; finger lever; dans une; rear sight
Downloads: 4
[texts]Winchester 1894 Crossbolt Safety
Winchester 1894 Crossbolt Safety
Keywords: hammer; rifle; model; gun; winchester; manual; firing; sight; cartridge; firearm; manual hammer; repeating arms; finger lever; rear sight; hammer extension; authorized repair; sight blade; serial number; rebound position; winchester model
Downloads: 11
[texts]Winchester 1892
Winchester 1892
Keywords: hammer; safety; rifle; gun; cartridge; firing; rebound; model; position; firearm; finger lever; rebound position; safe direction; top tang; repeating arms; serious personal; serious injury; serial number; cleaning rod; service center
Downloads: 16
[texts]Winchester 1886
Winchester 1886
Keywords: hammer; rifle; safety; gun; cartridge; firing; rebound; firearm; winchester; model; repeating arms; rebound position; finger lever; top tang; serious personal; cleaning rod; authorized repair; winchester avenue; serious injury; serial number
Downloads: 9
[texts]Winchester 1885 Centerfire
Winchester 1885 Centerfire
Keywords: hammer; winchester; gun; rifle; cock; sight; model; ammunition; trigger; cartridge; half cock; full cock; rear sight; cock position; breech block; winchester model; trigger pull; serious personal; authorized repair; winchester avenue
Downloads: 13
[texts]Winchester 1400
Winchester 1400
Keywords: sie; del; und; die; waffe; fusil; den; arma; dans; die waffe; aus dem; sie die; cocking handle; sie den; del cargador; sie dann; halten sie; votre fusil; schieben sie
Downloads: 8
[texts]Winchester 1400 Winchester
Winchester 1400 Winchester
Keywords: bolt; breech; cocking; pin; magazine; spring; trigger; gun; slide; remove; breech bolt; cocking handle; firing pin; trigger guard; handle bridge; closing spring; carrier release; slide arms; retaining pin; piston pin
Downloads: 19
[texts]Winchester 1300
Winchester 1300
Keywords: magazine; barrel; trigger; model; bolt; slide; choke; shotgun; gun; winchester; trigger guard; slide arm; guard group; breech bolt; choke tube; firing pin; bolt assembly; arm bridge; winchester firearms; winchoke choke
Downloads: 14
[texts]Winchester 1200
Winchester 1200
Keywords: gun; magazine; firearm; safety; barrel; chamber; shotgun; browning; gauge; trigger; magazine tube; safety button; trigger guard; push safety; trigger group; tube plug; slide forearm; serious injury; gun handling; turn gun
Downloads: 13
[texts]Winchester 101
Winchester 101
Keywords: xtr; pigeon; grade; model; lightweight; wmchokeif; anln; tti; sportei; mrgtllug; pigeon grade; grade xtr
Downloads: 7
[texts]Wildey Survival
Wildey Survival
Keywords: slide; barrel; spring; gas; pin; rear; wildey; magazine; rib; plunger; slide lock; gas regulator; firing pin; vented rib; rib post; magazine catch; rear sight; detent plunger; cam pin; cam lever
Downloads: 22
[texts]Weihrauch 660
Weihrauch 660
Keywords: sie; und; die; des; bolt; oder; das; waffe; une; sie die; sie den; bolt handle; lead compounds; wenn sie; trigger pull; firing pin; der waffe; die waffe; bei der
Downloads: 15
[texts]Walther Wa2000
Walther Wa2000
Keywords: die; und; auf; waffe; durch; den; seite; eine; die waffe; fur die; durch diese; der lauf; auf die; waffe ist; ist die; wird die; urn die; und wird
Downloads: 5
[texts]Walther Small Bore Rifle
Walther Small Bore Rifle
Keywords: walther; rifle; sling; bolt; palm; striker; kkm; trigger; push; rear; turn knob; spring pin; rifle action; rear sight; bolt handle; hook plate; sling holder; safety lever; palm rests; palm rest
Downloads: 37
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